Race Results – 2012

We are so very sorry to report that the official race times are not available for the 9th Annual Run for Randy, 2012. 

Unfortunately, due to the rain, our finish line volunteers had an incident with the timing device in which the paper tape had gotten wet and became jammed in the machine.  When they tried to release the jam, all of the race times that had been recorded up to that point were accidentally erased. Therefore we do not have an official recording of the race times for the 2012 race.  We are very grateful for our terrific finish line volunteers who help us every year and we all feel terrible for this having happened. We sincerely apologize for this disappointing news. We are hoping for MUCH better weather for our event in 2013!

CONGRATULATIONS to our first finisher; MR. MATT LYTLE!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to our first female finisher; MS. CHRISTINA DAM!!!

We truly appreciate your participation in our event and we apologize that we are not able to post your official race times this year.


Dean & Nancy Palya